Thursday, June 20, 2013

West Virginia's 150th Birthday Fireworks!

West Virginia is bordered by Virginia to the southeast, Kentucky to the southwest, Ohio to the northwest, Pennsylvania to the north, and Maryland to the northeast. West Virginia is the 41st largest by area and the 38th most populous of the 50 United States. The capital and largest city is Charleston.

West Virginia became a state following the Wheeling Conventions and broke away from Virginia during theAmerican Civil War. The new state was admitted to the Union on June 20, 1863, and was a key Civil War border state. West Virginia was the only state to form by seceding from a Confederate state and was one of two states formed during the American Civil War (the other being Nevada, which separated from Utah Territory).

West Virginia Flag

Wheeling is one of the cities in West Virginia. The city of Wheeling has a rich and varied history. 
One of them is Wheeling Suspension Bridge. It was the first bridge built across the Ohio River in 1849 and for a time was the longest suspension bridge in the world. It is still the oldest vehicular suspension bridge in the United States still in use.

Celebrating West Virginia State's 150th birthday

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Culture Fest 2013

This year 2013's Culture Fest was held on April 6th from 11AM to 2PM. 

We were once again blessed to be able to have a successful Culture Fest; and also we had more people participated and enjoyed.
The students voluntarily cook the portion to feed more than 150 people. 
There were 24 countries which presented their traditional food. 
The students who did not know how to cook helped to serve the food. 
We had more than 10 performances on the stage including their traditional dances and fashion show with their traditional clothing. 

Here are some photos below. Please enjoy!

 Saudi men came up and started to dance. It was fun!

 More of Saudi Dance!

 The view from upstairs of Wheeling Jesuit University's McDonough Center!


 One of our students from Nepal showed solo dance! It was beautiful. 

Left, Eileen Viglietta, is a formal ELI director who retired this May 2013. 
The photo is with her husband, Joe Viglietta. 
She was and is a lovely and caring person!
We miss you both. <3

Irish Songs!

Photos taken by Frank Przybysz
Frank, Thank you so much for your help! 

I hope that you enjoyed our Culture Fest through the photos. Next time I wish to see you all in person!

If you have any question or suggestion, please let us know. 

My name is Jung
Office Phone Number: 1-304-243-2412

Thank you for your support.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

ELI students election

 First Candidate: Jean Pierre Nkama from DR Congo

 Manager who introduced candidates - Gustavo Adolfo Polidor Fuenmayor from Venezuela
 Second Candidate: Scott Kalwahali from DR Congo

Result: Jean Pierre : 27 votes 
      Scott : 26 votes
Jean Pierre won